Heather Cowell

Dear Mulberry Bush,

I was filled with mixed emotions about sending my two year old to school, but your wonderfully caring teachers have been so kind and supportive to me and so generous with love and understanding to my little one. She has settled in wonderfully and I feel part of the family. Thank you.

Jacques & Juanita Malan

Dear Mulberry Bush Teachers

For the past 4 years Ive been watching you with my 2 children and other parents children, and all I can say is thank you. The love, attention, discipline and trust you've given these children is remarkable.

We are so grateful for all your hard work and love.

Janice Taylor

Leigh & Christopher absolutely thrive at Mulberry bush. They are smothered in love and attention and completely supported through all stages in their little lives. I cannot express how grateful we are as parents to have been blessed with teachers that have dedicated their time, showered my kids with love and encouraged our kids to grow their relationship with Christ Jesus. I pray that the school will be truly blessed in each and every way!

Cheyenne & Ivan Kruger

Dear Mulberry Bush Teachers,

Thank you for understanding my children so perfectly. I really don't believe that any other teachers in the world could have shown them more understanding, patience and care.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2012.